Winter Skincare Tips

Our skin can change with every season, but the majority of us will find Winter the hardest on our delicate skin. Dry, tight, flaky skin, chapped lips, sound familiar?

We are constantly exposing our skin to extremes of hot and cold during the winter months. Coming in from the cold, windy weather outside to central heating, a warm fire and hot showers all wreaks havoc on our skin, but fear not there are some simple ways to help your skin during these cold months.

Central heating and a roaring fire might feel great when you come in from the cold, but they tend to dehydrate and dry out the skin. Even keeping a bowl of water next to a radiator or the fire can help to keep the air more moist so it isn’t quite as drying. A hot shower can do the same, the extra heat sucks the hydration out of the skin which can lead the dry, irritated skin, so keep the hot showers as short as possible.

Winter is a time to be gentle with your skin, we don’t want to be unnecessarily stripping our skin of any moisture. Some cleansing products, especially foaming cleansers can effect the acid mantle of our skin by disrupting the pH and drying it out. Opt for gentle cleansers such as oils, balms or milks.

It’s so important to keep your skin moisturised, especially during the Winter. We need to keep our skin barrier defence in place to stop our skin from becoming flaky, inflammed etc. Be sure to apply a moisturiser as soon as you get out of the shower to avoid your skin drying out. Adding a serum to your routine is a great added boost for any skin type as they are the most potent product you will use in your entire skincare routine. The Hyaluronic Acid & Multi Vitamin Face Serum is packed with Hyaluronic Acid which is a powerful humectant, meaning it draws moisture to the skin. Also investing in a night cream at this time of year can be a big help. A night cream is richer than your regular day cream and will help to replenish and regenerate your skin while you sleep, sounds perfect doesn’t it!?! Check out the Rosehip Regenerative Night Cream.

Just because we might not see much of the sun on these cold Winter days, doesn’t mean you can lay off the SPF. The UV rays are still able to penetrate through the clouds and are doing just as much damage to your skin in Winter as in Summer. An SPF will also help to act as barrier from the wind.

Doing an exfoliation once a week will be of huge benefit to your skin. Think about it, you’re applying all these gorgeous products to keep your skin soft, moisturised and youthful looking, but you have a build up of dead skin coating your face, do you really think these products are being of much benefit? They have to first work through all that dead skin before they can get to where they are needed – your fresh skin cells. So, by first removing that build up of dead skin, your products are able to penetrate the skin better and be far more effective. Once a week is all it’s needed, the Geranium & Bamboo Facial Polish is a gentle but effective exfoliator that also contains honey, which also acts like a humectant, helping to lock moisture into the skin.

While downing glasses of cold water might not be the most appetising during Winter, it’s essential to keep our bodies and our skin hydrated. Switching your water to a warm herbal tea may help if you cant face a glass of water. Drinking water helps our skin desquamate, which is the way the skin naturally exfoliates itself, so by drinking enough water it also helps to keep the build up of dead skin cells at bay.

If you’re not already taking any supplements for your skin, Winter is the perfect time to start. Essential fatty acids are what you need to look for as they help to maintain the skin’s barrier defence. Our body does not make these so we need to get them through our diet or through or skincare, or ideally both. You will find omega rich oils in oily fish such as salmon and tuna, and in nuts and seeds such as walnuts and chia seeds. But if these aren’t to your liking you can always take cod liver oil or cod liver oil capsules.

And let’s not forget the lips. I’m sure we’ve all suffered from dry, chapped lips at some stage. Try exfoliating your lips gently with an old toothbrush to remove any dead skin. Applying a lip balm generously through out the day will keep them moisturised and be sure to apply it going to bed at night also. While petroleum based products help to act as a barrier to stop your lips from drying out further, they really don’t do anything to treat the dryness. Ingredients such as shea butter, avocado oil and castor oil will penetrate the skin better and make a real difference, see the Strawberry lip balm and the Coconut lip balm.

These little tweaks to your daily routine should help your skin to glow even throughout the cold winter months.

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