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2 thoughts on “Product Quiz

  1. Helena Okeeffe says:

    My main issue is makeup sliding off my face especially my nose – i would really appreciate guidance / plan

    • Sinead Murphy says:

      Hi Helena, is your skin ouly woyld you say or is it more that your makeup is going patchy looking? If it is more oily, make sure you ate not overloading it, something like the hyaluronic serum and spf might be enough during the day, then look at maybe a mattifying primer or a matte foundation and then translucent powder to keep the shine at bay and set your makeup in place. If you feel its more going patchy then thats a sign of dehydration, so something like the mist dew after cleansing, a layer of hyaluronic serum, let that dry in then apply another layer to areas that you feel need it most like the nose and then follow with the rest of your products. Hope that helps.

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