Rose Quartz Facial Roller


Take your skincare and selfcare to the next level with this beautiful Rose quartz facial roller. A must have tool for radiant, healthy, glowing skin.

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The idea behind using a facial roller in your skin routine is to aid lymphatic drainage and stimulate blood circulation. By doing so, it helps to increase the absorption of facial serums and masks deeper into the skin.

Continued use of a facial roller also:

-Helps to reduce any puffiness, especially around the eyes.

-Rids the skin of toxins by aiding lymphatic drainage.

-Helps to brighten a dull, tired looking skin.

-Helps to calm an inflamed or irritated skin through it’s cooling effect.

-Helps improve tone and elasticity of the skin by increasing the circulation.


The roller has 2 ends. The larger roller can be used on the forehead, Cheeks, jaw and neck areas, while the smaller roller can be used around the eyes, nose and lips.



  1. Cleanse the skin as normal.
  2. Apply your serum eg the Hyaluronic Acid & Multi Vitamin Face Serum
  3. Use the roller to roll outwards from the nose area towards the ears. And use upward stroked on the neck.
  4. Apply your moisturiser after using your roller.
  5. Rinse the roller with warm water after use and pat dry.

The roller comes packaged in a beautiful gift box with a diagram and instructions for use.


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