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1. Are Blumáin products really organic?

Yes, all the Blumáin skincare products are certified organic by IOA (the Irish Organic Association). They have very strict criteria for certifying products. They do a yearly visit where all elements of the business are inspected, like tracing ingredients, tracing batches of products etc. Each product that is certified contains the IOA logo on its packaging as well as the percentage of organic ingredients found in that product, ensuring quality and transparency for you the consumer.

2. Are your candles organic?

Currently, the IOA does not certify candles as organic. But, all Blumáin candles are made using natural soy wax and are scented with nothing but pure organic essential oils.

3. Is the packaging recyclable?

All the products are sold in glass bottle and jars, bar the lip balms which come in aluminium tins and both the glass and the aluminium are both recyclable.

4. Do you test on animals?

No Blumáin products have ever been, nor will ever be tested on animals (just very willing family and friends).

5. Are Blumáin products Vegan?

All Blumáin products are Vegan apart from the Nourishing Lemon Grass Hand Cream and the Lip Balms which contain Beeswax and the Geranium & Bamboo Facial Polish which contains Honey.


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